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 Scientists have now confirmed the brain is a
"Prediction Machine"

and mental distress, trauma and anxiety arise from flawed predictions...

Leading professionals use this new science to reliably  resolve trauma, fears, anxiety and more by turning on the Predicting Brain's natural updating mechanism for 'Aha moments' of sudden realisation and deep insight that let go of outdated beliefs and memories and create long lasting deep change without resistance or sabotage holding them back.

Discover how changing the Predicting Brain transforms clients lives

You're here because you want to make a difference in others lives. Join the masterclass to learn how the science of the Predicting Brain helps you  make the natural change that relieves suffering and releases distress

This Brain discovery is transforming mental health and well-being ...

The scientific discovery of "Predicting Brain" offers new potential for those wanting to bring about change for clients...

The Irrational Instantly Makes Sense

From the perspective of a "Predicting Brain", our clients seemingly Irrational thoughts, behaviours, self-sabotage, resistance and emotional reactions make clear sense...

Trauma, Anxiety and Distress Resolve Rapidly

There's growing evidence base of clinical experience showing  "Prediction Psychology"  using the brain's natural updating mechanism offer new ways of effectively dissolving phobias, easing fears, and turning off trauma memories more rapidly than ever thought possible...

From Dysregulation and Attachment issues to thriving

Improving the brain's deep level "Predictions" effectively resolves downstream dysregulation issues in a way that calms the nervous system and vastly improves relationships...

It makes sense of distress and unwanted reactions

Prediction Psychology studies are revealing what our client's emotions really are...

Lisa Feldman-Barret

(Professor of Psychology at NorthEastern University )

The curious new evidence confirms that emotions arise naturally out of the critical actions of the Predicting Brain maintaining the body in the world.

Ted Talk on Emotions (6+ Million Views)

 and how Self perception affects our lives and health

New findings highlights the fascinating link between our "constructed-Self" and well-being...

Anil Seth

(Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at the University of Sussex)

Studies are showing that the enduring "Self" we thought was us, now appears to be pieced together as a construction by the brain and the way the brain does it intricately affects our health and well-being ...

Ted Talk on how the brain works (12+ Million Views)

What does this mean for you?

Are you wanting to change  people's puzzling "irrational" thoughts, behaviours and unwanted emotional reactions ?

The brain can do many things that don't seem to make sense - until you view them thru the Predictive Mind lens... All of these change naturally, when you change the Predicting Brain

Anxiety, fear panic, phobias, PTSD
Self- Sabotage, resistance, secondary gain
Low self esteem, low self-confidence, low resiliency
Negative self talk, self criticism, self judgment
Compulsions, Obsessions, Addictions
Procrastination, toxic shame, co-dependency

New understanding means new treatment possibilities

This new unified brain theory connects mental health issues to predictions by the automatic 'Predicting Brain'

"What we call mental illness may then be rational 'body-budgeting' (allostasis) for the short term that may be out of sync with the immediate environment, needs of other people, or your own best interest"

Lisa Feldman Barret

(Author 7.5 Lessons on the Brain and How Emotions are Made)

"The predicting brain gives us an avenue to understanding psychiatric conditions in terms of an altered perception of the 'Self' ... leading to interesting angles on viewing mental illness"

Anil Seth

(Author 7.5 Being You: A New Science of Consciousness)

New ways to regain well-being

Predicting Brain science opens new pathways for us to understand and resolve these unwanted reactions

Outdated predictions are the root-cause of distress AND the key to resolving them

"When the predicting brain is right, it creates your reality. When your predicting brain is wrong ... it still creates your reality !!

.... and launches the next set of actions based on past experience ... and it does so outside of your awareness.

Your brain predicts and prepares your actions based on past experiences...

If you can reach back and change (how you feel  about) your past, your brain would predict differently ... and you might act differently and experience the world differently as a result.

Your actions today become your brain's predictions for the tomorrow, and those predictions automatically drive your future actions.

I don't know about you, but I find this message hopeful"

Lisa Feldman Barret (7.5 Lessons on the Brain)

Finally we've got a scientific explanation

'Prediction' is a new way to understand how our brain constructs our conscious human experience

Scientists from diverse fields now agree that the brain is a "prediction machine". This unified theory of the brain, mind and body accounts for previously unexplained "irrational" behaviours and emotions as well as other dimensions of our human experience like anxieties, conditioning, phobias, hallucinations, illusions, compulsions and more. 


Together with this knowledge we can make a real difference to mental health

"When you change the Predicting Brain, you literally change lives its that simple. "

You help people change how they act and how they feel"

Its so hard to clearly see the "perception illusion" trap your brain has created for you.  But when someone helps you break free from the prison conjured by their own brain, the results are instantly felt at the deepest level possible. Its like coming into the sunshine again and feeling the warmth of the suns rays on your skin, breathing the fresh air with a sense of freedom, relief and joy of the new possibilities with a deep sense of gratitude.


Treating the Predicting Brain with its built-in mechanism brings rapid relief for people wanting to recover their well-being

Presenting issues: Suffering rising panic attacks at work,  unable to visit shopping centres without anxiety, stuck by procrastination over self-care.

Previous treatments tried: Series of 12 psychology sessions including talk therapy, CBT and EMDR. Also tried NLP, hypnosis, meditation with symptoms still ongoing.

Prediction Psychology impact: Within 8 sessions panic attacks resolved, reported "feeling neutral about work", "able to speak my mind", "comfortable with what others might think of me". In 3 sessions anxiety around shopping centres eased, now "wasn't even worried, even excited to go". 1 session procrastination overcome and now "cooking up a storm in the kitchen" after 3 years of being unable to.


Diagnosed with anxiety and PTSD arising from adverse childhood experiences and assault.

Presenting issues: Crippling fear of rejection and judgment preventing normal social life and work interactions.

Previous treatments tried: Talk therapy and CBT with Clinical Psychologist. Exposure therapy with psychiatrist, struggling to manage symptoms

Prediction Psychoogy treatments: Within 4 sessions reported "I don't have that anxiety anymore", "more comfortable to attend social events" and "noticed that I do speak out more and if I don't like something I will say it". outcomes stable for over 1 year now.

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Diagnosed with complex PTSD following prolonged childhood emotional abuse by parents

Presenting issues: Debilitating panic attacks, suffering guilt over friends death, fear of death, anger and rage at Mother.

Previous treatments tried: Talk therapy with Psychologist. Ongoing work with psychotherapist, symptoms up and down.

Prediction Psychology treatments: Guilt and fear of death both resolved within 1 session. 4 sessions to resolve anger at Mother , now feeling "I can say 'no' more easily and define my boundaries". Panic attacks resolved within 3 sessions with comment "I don't know what you do but its magic - they are gone". Results maintained 18 months on.


Diagnosed with panic disorder and complex PTSD from childhood in conflict zone and hyper-critical and physically violent parents

People are desperately seeking a solution

Anxiety, depression and mental distress are surging to the worst they've ever been

According to the National alliance on Mental Health nearly 20% of adults (that's 40 million people in the US, 5 million in Australia) experience an anxiety disorder each year and the number has nearly doubled in the last 10 years. What can we do to help people recover their lives and sense of peace ? 

So much evidence is now pointing to the enticing and exciting new possibility of changing their Predictive Mind.

If you want to know more about the cutting edge science of the Prediction Psychoogy watch the masterclass now to discover how we can turn this tide of mental health epidemic.

New science means new possibilities

The opportunity emerging now for treating mental distress using the prediction system is like when antibiotics were first discovered or when the structure of DNA was decoded.

Great science discoveries redefine what is possible and provide amazing leaps forward for our society.

Einstein's theories changed how we see the world and gave us new ways to tap sustainable power sources
Copernicus and Galileo's heliocentric discovery that the earth went around the sun gave us a new understanding of our movement in space through the solar system and explained what we saw in the heavens and effects of gravity.
Schrodinger's quantum mechanics redefined the way we saw what is happening all around us every moment, to reveal things we were never aware of before.
The discovery of the Predicting Brain and in-built natural change looks set to be one of those pivotal moments that you can be part right now. Its making massive ripples in well-being around the globe as it explains the brain and how to change it to transform lives
The Predictive Mind paradigm gives accelerated results for
Trauma memories
Other distress (eg OCD)

What would it look like for you to use the knowledge of the Predictive Mind to help people ease distress ?

Updating the Predicting Brain can complement what you are already doing

There are many wonderful psychological and psycho-therapeutic approaches being used for mental well-being at present. These traditional methods are often based on a "classical" understanding of the brain and in most cases introduce incremental change over numerous sessions. When you include the new paradigm of a predicting brain, and use techniques that adjust flawed predictions, the recovery results that you can achieve are vastly accelerated.

Take the example of phobias. Traditional techniques require a series of uncomfortable and potentially distressing exposure sessions. A review of the literature by Weshler published in Frontiers of Psychology in 2019 found that on average people needed 5 - 8 sessions, depending on the phobia or trauma, and require additional education about relapse and ongoing management of distress.  According to a meta-review by Craske et al in Philosophical Transactions (2017) after 10-20 weekly sessions only 55% achieve normal functioning, and of those, up to 3 in 5 relapse with a resurgence of their fear.

When  considering the Prediction Psychology paradigm using elements of memory reconsolidation (altering the feeling of a memory) a review by Walsh published in Psychopharmacology in 2018 showed that these treatments resulted in less relapse, and therefore provide longer lasting relief. And there are other brain change mechanisms discovered recently that change the neuroplastic state of the brain that can accelerate treatment (Shapiro et al, in Nature Communications 2018).

The growing clinical experience is that by improving faulty predictions, some clinicians are seeing phobias dissolving in 1 - 3 sessions, with the added benefit that sufferers no longer need to manage symptoms. Better predictions mean a calmer response, which frees the person from distress and allows them to recover their normal life again.

For therapists caring about restoring their clients well-being and quality of life, this is an astonishing result, one that clients are eternally grateful for (and enthusiastically refer family and colleagues to you because they experienced something remarkable).

Case Study 1 - Roberto, Anxious aspiring musician

Suffering extreme anxiety about an upcoming music gig he was scheduled to perform in two hours. After 20 minutes of treatment, the anxiety was resolved and he felt confident and excited about the gig which, to his delight, exceeded all his expectations and led to further invitations to play his music at other performances.

Case Study 2  - Maeve, Lifelong phobia of spiders

She experienced an intense fear of huntsmen spiders from a young age. She was afraid in the future she might crash her car and injure herself following an episode where she wasn't driving but a large huntsmen on the outside of the window made her so panicky she jumped from the passenger seat to the back seat of the moving vehicle. After 25 minutes of treatment she felt much calmer about huntsmen spiders, her previous intense reaction became a fascination and she was quite comfortable to view them feeling safe.

distress, trauma and anxiety come from flawed predictions

How does it all work?

"When the predicting brain is right, it creates your reality. When your predicting brain is wrong ... it still creates your reality".

Improving predictions resolves peoples distress and makes a difference in recovering clients thriving.

What are therapists finding when they use the Predicting Brains natural 'letting go switch' for helping clients?


Clinical Psychologist

New Zealand

"My colleagues have noticed I am getting faster results helping clients to recover."



"I chose to do my CPE in these techniques because it resolved my own PTSD so much faster and I always wanted to do the same for my clients"

Clinical Hypnotherapist


"Many of my cohort can't believe how fast it can change distress. They are so impressed, and I have to say a little baffled, with the rapid improvements in my clients."

Somatic Trauma Practitioner


"Since learning this I feel like I have been given the keys to the kingdom. Its given me so much confidence to understand emotions on the deepest level and to feel comfortable supporting clients. What ever issues  they are presenting with, I feel I can make a difference for them at a deep deep level."

Predicting Better - who are we and what do we stand for?

Predicting Better is the hub connecting mental well-being professionals with the valuable Prediction Psychology resources that make a life-changing difference in clients thriving

A revolution in neuroscience has delivered us a wonderful opportunity to expand the way we work with and treat so many of the mental health issues people experience today.

Join us on the journey to discover what changing the Predicting Brain means for the future of health and well-being, and discover the potential it offers for improving how you and your clients  feel, act and live.

Dr Tony Fitzgerald (PhD)

Tony was awarded his PhD in Medical Physics in 1997. For the past 20+ years he has continually researched science and innovation, working in Universities and Hospitals in Cambridge, London, Leeds, Brisbane and Perth. In that time he has authored dozens of scientific papers and developed 4 patents.  He is now a proud and loving father of 2 gorgeous kids in Perth, dedicating his time and enthusiasm to translating the latest neuroscience of how our brains construct our inner world to make a difference in mental health.

Advisors and Experts

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