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Learn how to use Prediction Psychology to understand your clients symptoms and how to use the brains natural updating mode for letting go of past beliefs and memories to assist their recovery.

Next course starting on 17 February 2023

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Dates: Weekly on Fridays from 17 February (8 weeks)


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11:30am - 1:30 PM (AWST - Perth)


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Contact Tony on+61 (0)431 907 357

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 Full Price after 10 February is $850

Why do the course?

In our lifetime there has been an unexpected neuroscience discovery that appears to finally revealed the deep mystery of the brain's inner workings as a "Prediction Machine". With this stunning scientific breakthrough comes the knowledge of what happens in the 'Predicting Brain' that causes people to be stuck in unwanted behaviours and distressing emotional responses.

Even more exciting and unexpected is that this paradigm shifting understanding also reveals the brain has an inbuilt mechanism for naturally and effortlessly letting go of outdated memories and beliefs by updating them. This gives the us the neuroscience key to changing the precise part of the brain that keeps people stuck so they can be free to flourish using the brain's own natural way of creating change.

In this course you will learn powerfully effective science-based tools for your toolkit that are based on this science of the predicting brain. Tools that give you confidence to make deep transformative change for clients in a reliable way that overcomes their issues at the root cause without being held back by resistance to change, secondary gain or self-sabotage.

The tools you will learn here can be applied to resolve unhealthy unconscious stuck behaviours, unwanted and intrusive thought patterns, triggered emotional reactions and core limiting beliefs. This includes specific issues ranging from procrastination and self worth to fears, anxiety and depression, as well as relationship issues and clearing blocks to achieving goals.

This course gives you the ability to change the 'predicting brain' with its own built-in native mechanism for change. This lets you create deep and long lasting (and often rapid) change for clients that makes a real difference in their lives, relieving distress and restoring thriving well-being in achieving their life goals.

Specific Outcomes:

Master how to create deep change at the root cause by using the brain's own native inbuilt mechanism for naturally updating itself effortlessly that makes long lasting and sustainable change.
Learn how to ‘turn on’ the predicting brains natural state for letting go of past learning, memories and beliefs so that it spontaneously releases stuck patterns at the heart of their issue to allow insight and healing at the deepest level possible.
Grow your ability to confidently relieve client issues by learning the 7 steps to take the person through so that the brain must update and let go of what no longer serves them. This 7-step Deep Change Blueprint gives you reliable and consistent change that relieves issues and restores well-being at the root cause.
Understand how the ‘Predicting Brain’ keeps your client stuck in their unwanted state, despite their (and your) best intentions and how to solve the issues using the brains natural mechanisms for getting itself unstuck.
Discover how the Predicting Brain creates resistance to change and sabotage so you know precisely what you can do to ensure these become your ally for even deeper change and don't impede your progress with clients. You will understand what it means if sabotage, resistance or relapse does occur and how to use it to deepen your clients progress.
You will learn a method of working with the client that guides you to the root cause of their stuck symptoms simply and easily that works well even if the cause of the problem is currently outside their conscious awareness.
Discover new meanings to your client’s distressing emotions, what these emotions tell you about their past experiences that are contributing to their current issue, as well as the key to resolving them.
Understand how to evaluate if the deep change has been successful during the session and assess the next target for change.
Learn the difference between the approaches that alter behaviour patterns on a ‘superficial’ level and those that create change at the deepest level so you can ensure you are creating deep transformative change for your clients when they come to you wanting to be free of stuck distress.

About the presenter Dr Tony Fitzgerald (PhD):

Tony has a Bachelor of Science (1st class honours) and was awarded his PhD in Medical Physics in 1997. For the past 20+ years he has continually researched cutting edge science and innovation, working in Universities and Hospitals in Cambridge, London, Leeds, Brisbane and Perth.

His role is to translate revelatory science discoveries into techniques and technology that aid health and well-being. He has authored dozens of scientific papers and developed 4 patents.

He is now a proud and loving father of 2 gorgeous kids settled in Perth, with the mission to share the paradigm-shifting neuroscience of how our brains update survival predictions to help professionals make a difference in mental well-being and human flourishing.

Change Brains, Transform Lives starting on 17 February 2023

This is the creme de la creme of what I have ever learnt, everyone should do this course!

"I referred several therapists to your site already, and I do believe you are onto something remarkable with your training… bigger and better that any other trainings I have taken in my life, and I have done aplenty."

(GP and Psychotherapist with 20+ years experience)

Something dramatic is happening in my life since doing this course.

"In the past I've done 67 sessions of psychological work on myself with a highly qualified professional, and that hasn't changed even 10% of what this course has done for me. I have never ventured so deep into how to create change as I have in this course."

Clinical Psychologist with 40+ years experience

I have immersed into utilising your Prediction techniques with clients and, when the ‘switch is flicked‘, how beautiful it is to observe it happening.

"It was an honour to watch the physiological shift, happen in each individual client, as their change became complete at the end of the process. One client sent a message afterwards 'Thank you so much for today. So transformational.' And another client commented how she could not believe the 'lightness and the new-ness' she felt …'It’s as if I’ve lost a heavy chain I’ve been carrying around for decades'."

Psychotherapist and NLP Practitioner

Change Brains, Transform  Lives

Scientists now agree the brain is a "Prediction Machine". Learn how to work with this predicting brain that is responsible for your clients issues, so that it lets go of past beliefs and memories  to bring about recovery and flourishing for your clients.

Starting on 17 February 2023

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