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Prediction Psychology Masterclass
How the discovery of the brain as a
'Prediction Machine' transforms the way leading therapists understand and
resolve trauma, anxiety, fear and more

"An outstanding course presented by the very knowledgeable and professional Dr Tony Fitzgerald. I highly recommend this course" Bev Unitt, psychotherapist

The Modules Covering Everything You Need to Understand the Science Prediction Psychology and How to Use it in Practice with Clients

Learn the science behind how the brain works like a prediction machine that makes sense of your clients stuck and distressing thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Module 1

The brain is a prediction machine affecting perception, emotion and behaviour

Module 2

Predictions and our human experience. How predictions lead us to the unifying root cause of trauma, fear, phobia, anxiety and more

Module 3

How to update predictions in a way that resolves client symptoms long term so they no longer occur, and the change is maintained effortlessly.

Module 4

The 7 steps to use in the clinic to resolve trauma, fear, phobia, anxiety and more based on the Therapeutic Reconsolidation Process

Module 5

How to understand your specific clients symptoms and implement the 7 steps in practice with clients issues

Module 6

A library of examples for case studies using prediction psychology to understand and treat trauma, self-esteem, procrastination and other examples of client issues.

"Creme de la Creme"

"Its the creme de la creme of what I have ever learnt, and every one should do this course!!”

Dr Olessya Burgess

Medical doctor and psychotherapist


"This is an excellent course... it gives you the framework to build powerful and practical interventions with your clients. I've been training therapists for over 30 years, and I learnt some really valuable new things.”

Graham Taylor

Psychologist and trainer at Therapist Training teaching Schema and EMDR for 30+ years

"Mind Blowing"

"Fair to say the approach is cutting edge and the session flew by. Very much looking forward to learning more."

Mark Herbet

Behavioural expert in Leadership and Change

About Your Teacher

Dr Tony Fitzgerald (PhD)

Tony's vision is a world where people who are suffering and stuck can find fundamental science-guided resolutions to restore well-being and flourishing. He believes we all deserve to live happy, fulfilled and productive lives able to break-free of our past when it holds us back from who we want to be.

He is an Innovation Scientist who was awarded his PhD in Medical Physics in 1997. For the past 20+ years he has continually researched science and innovation, working in Universities and Hospitals in Cambridge, London, Leeds, Brisbane and Perth. In that time he has authored dozens of scientific papers and developed 4 patents. He is now a proud and loving father of 2 gorgeous kids in Perth, dedicating his time and enthusiasm to translating the latest neuroscience of how our brains construct our inner world to make a difference in mental health.

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Unstuck - The Foundations of Prediction Psychology and Creating Change with Clients

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What professionals are saying 

"You explain the landscape in a really clear way that makes it relevant and practical for therapists, coaches, etc and I'm inspired and excited to start integrating more of it into my work"

Marcus B.

"Thank you so much for sharing such groundbreaking evidence based work with us, it's clearly a game changer!”

Prediction Psychology Masterclass

Linda F.

MASTERCLASS Package - UnSTUCK Prediction psychology course

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MASTERCLASS Package - unstuck prediction psychology course

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What you will get from the UnStuck Prediction Psychology course right now

The science behind makes people 'Stuck' and what to do to help them break free.
How the brain constructs emotions and how to resolve them at the deepest level.
How to transform limiting self-beliefs in 7 straightforward steps
The science of how to 'update' distressing and traumatic memories so they no longer cause a response.
How you can use the brains natural way it changes behaviours to update unwanted habits.
Your purchase supports our work in Mental Health and our mission to share this life-changing science with more than 1 million other professionals around the world.

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Your Questions Answered

Can I get a refund if I want one?

Yes, we deeply care about the experience of each person who gets this course, and any content we provide. If you are not absolutely blown away by this education and the potential it has to transform how you understand and work with clients just send us an email and we will refund your full payment no questions asked.

Does this include practical sessions?

The online course is a do-it-yourself version of how you can learn more about Prediction Psychology and how to use it to create deep sustainable change for your clients. This online course has practical exercises you can do to learn the concepts and apply them, but it doesn't include 'live' practical sessions guided by our educators. If you would like that please contact us about the Mentor Program or the group  workshops designed to skill you up in the practical components of making a difference to your clients lives and well-being.

I can't afford the course, what can I do to access the science?

At Predicting Better we value sharing this life-changing science with you, so if for any reason, such as financial hardship, where you feel you may not be able to pay for the course, please let us know. In that case we can extend a scholarship to you to make sure there are no barriers to you accessing the science. We believe Prediction Psychology should be accessible to all. If we could offer it free to everyone we would, however as an organisation we have responsibility to be sustainable, and this requires an income to fund our activities in mental health research and sharing the science to a wider audience to make a better world possible where anyone who is stuck or suffering can access the science-guided resolutions that will help them restore flourishing well-being and regain their fulfilled life.

How do I claim my bonuses?

When you register you will receive an email with all the details of how to contact me directly by email and the invitation for the professional community.

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