Trauma Zero Masterclass - Effective interventions for trauma using 'prediction psychology' and the brains own natural update activity.

Trauma can be notoriously challenging to fully resolve symptoms, without being stuck by resistance or sabotage. At other times clients can make big steps in real recovery. What makes the difference between interventions that fail to overcome symptoms, and effective interventions that transform clients physical, mental and emotional well-being? The last 2 decades of brain science provides some revolutionary insights that lay a firm science foundation for creating effective interventions with your clients. This masterclass gives you the science of an what makes an effective intervention that you can use to create deep and lasting change for your clients.

"Creme de la Creme"

"Its the creme de la creme of what I have ever learnt, and every one should do this course!!”

Dr Olessya Burgess

Medical doctor and psychotherapist


"This is an excellent course... it gives you the framework to build powerful and practical interventions with your clients. I've been training therapists for over 30 years, and I learnt some really valuable new things.”

Graham Taylor

Psychologist and trainer at Therapist Training teaching Schema and EMDR for 30+ years

"Mind Blowing"

"Fair to say the approach is cutting edge and the session flew by. Very much looking forward to learning more."

Mark Herbet

Behavioural expert in Leadership and Change

About Your Teacher

Dr Tony Fitzgerald (PhD)

Tony's vision is a world where people who are suffering and stuck can find fundamental science-guided resolutions to restore well-being and flourishing. He believes we all deserve to live happy, fulfilled and productive lives able to break-free of our past when it holds us back from who we want to be.

He is an Innovation Scientist who was awarded his PhD in Medical Physics in 1997. For the past 20+ years he has continually researched science and innovation, working in Universities and Hospitals in Cambridge, London, Leeds, Brisbane and Perth. In that time he has authored dozens of scientific papers and developed 4 patents. He is now a proud and loving father of 2 gorgeous kids in Perth, dedicating his time and enthusiasm to translating the latest neuroscience of how our brains construct our inner world to make a difference in mental health.