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Make Lasting Change for Stuck Clients.
Founded on the Brains Natural Update Process.

Join a growing and vibrant community of professionals using the brain's natural  updating mechanism to confidently make progress for clients even when therapy is resisted or sabotaged. Learn to use the brain's fundamental neurobiology of change in sessions with your clients to create effective and sustained change in their flourishing well-being and lives.

Change can be hard, but there are effective science-based ways to make it more reliable in the face of resistance

As a professional working with stuck individuals you know only too well how hard it can be to create effective change, especially when client progress gets stalled by resistance, sabotage or relapse.

We understand you are ethical clinician who want to use a framework that is science based and defensible that works reliably with clients

SOLUTION - A single unified framework solution for resolving mental health and trauma symptoms that(lets you confidently) navigates resistance and self-sabotage

Our vision is a world where Psych-professionals, Mental Health Workers and Counsellors create lasting and effective change for distressed clients who are stuck using a foundation of fundamental and unifying science to underpin their approaches.

New science knowledge: Over the last 2 decades scientists from disciplines as wide as neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, artificial intelligence, philosophy and more have converged on the brains native function for updating memories and letting go of past learning.

Useful for change-professionals: This neurobiology of change can be used practically with clients. When you use the brains change map and follow the landmarks it can naturally update deeply held self-perceptions, core beliefs, core schemas, maladaptive internal working models, traumatic memories and other related mental health concerns. 

Relevant to you: Are you are a professional making change for stuck clients with mental health issues like trauma, anxiety, fear, depression or similar issues? If so, this knowledge could be relevant because it;

Gives you a practical landmark set of steps that ensure better client outcomes by following the brains natural mechanism for making change
Provides you with a neurobiology-based framework for what to do when change slows or fails altogether
Ensures continuing client progress that successfully navigates obstacles like resistance and sabotage
Helps you relieve client distress at the root cause, reducing sensitivity to external triggers and restoring a greater sense of well-being and control in for clients
Makes sustained change that lowers the risk of relapse and reduces reliance on ongoing management and coping strategies
Increases client motivation and willingness to engage in the change process
Makes change more reliable and repeatable leading to higher therapist and client satisfaction

Free Training

What does this new science mean for you as a professional making change with clients in challenging circumstances like helping clients recover from trauma (and complex trauma)?

Learn the way this new knowledge of the brains natural update processes improves your experience of creating effective and repeatable change for clients who are traditionally stuck or resistant to change

Intro to Framework for UnStuck Trauma suitable for trauma professionals, pick time and get access

Is this new science useful for you ?

This new knowledge of how to practically use the brains native update process in sessions with clients provides a clarity around creating change that gives therapists confidence to make profound and lasting change for stuck individuals with the potential to transform their lives. However it is most useful and best suited to some professionals more than others. Below is a checklist to see how suited it is for you.

I am a professional supporting peoples mental health and/or physical well-being
My aim is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others
My perception of success is linked to better outcome for my clients
I use a range of techniques that I have found work well for me and my clients
I work with individuals who can get stuck and resist or sabotage change
I am curious and seek science-based knowledge to clarify my change work
I seek effective interventions that make a profound difference for clients

If you identified with the themes in this list then this practical knowledge can be useful for the difference you can make for clients and we invite you to explore the resources like free training that we offer

"The Map for Change" 
How is this different to the techniques I already use?

What it is NOT: As a psych-professional, mental health worker or counsellor you will have many tools, techniques and modalities in your "toolbox". You have worked out which of these to call on to create change with each client. What we offer is different. It is NOT a therapy, it is NOT a modality and it is NOT a technique.

What is it then? What you will learn can be considered more as a FRAMEWORK, like a roadmap with landmarks, that provides you with the fundamental understanding of the brain's natural process for making internal change  and how to use that practically with clients during sessions.

"When change doesn't work, now I know why"
"Tells me why things work with one client and not another"

"Not another tool, it brings all the tools together"

"Its the Floorplan the generic formula for getting the result with clients"

Learn more - download the brochure with science reading list and how it works
Get 1 hour training free limited time
Call us to see if its the right fit for you

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It is NOT a therapy

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Neuroscience findings have changed how we think

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