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Video presentation by Dr Tony Fitzgerald

Invitation: Do you want me to personally help you become the best version of yourself ready for the next level of success, boosting self-belief, confidence and motivation in less than 30 days?
Overcome the self-doubt of not feeling good enough to beat imposter syndrome, procrastination and overwhelm

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Tony has a PhD in Medical Physics and 30+ years of science and innovation research.  He has worked in Universities and Hospitals in Cambridge, London, Leeds, Brisbane and Perth. In that time he has authored dozens of scientific papers and developed 4 patents.  He is now a proud and loving father of 2 gorgeous kids in Perth, dedicating his time to translating the latest neuroscience and neurobiology of how our brains construct our inner world to free people from fears and self doubt and create the world they want to experience.

Tony Fitzgerald

Founder of Predicting Better

Tony believes in a world where we can all overcome our past to be the best version of ourselves and make a true difference in the lives of others, no matter what we’ve been thru. He is passionate about using his knowledge of how our experiences from childhood onwards shape our brains and influence our lives, to help people reconnect their true authentic self, feeling confident and resilient. He wants people to be free to live with compassion, joy and contentment as a role model for others.

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Overcoming Not Good Enough to be the best version of yourself

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